2012: In the Hands of ‘God’: In Discussion with a Bean-Plant

In the Hands of ‘God’
In Discussion with a Bean-Plant

On the Farm, we’re (all on the Farm) now daily in the mornings and during the day participating in Farm-responsibilities as part-of contributing equally to the tasks/projects required to be done to maintain the Farm for all.
One of these mornings, I was planting baby bean-plants that are being prepared to grow up into and towards the fence-line of our nursery; preparing a ‘momentary home’ in the earth with the other plants for it to grow into its utmost potential.

Being at the mercy of another is an interesting point to face and experience, where my ‘life’ – my ability to grow, expand and experience my process of being/becoming what I am and reaching that opportunity and walking that process for myself: Is in the hands of a human-being / human-beings.
And, interestingly enough – this is a point that is universal, where we’ve developed and created an existential-system of dependency and interdependency, where – each one’s ‘life’, each one’s opportunity to ‘live’ is in the hands of another. Instead of having a functioning world/existential-system where – that opportunity and ability to live, to experiencing life as being a ‘given’, an ‘absolutely certainty’ – we now walk into and walk-through this world with uncertainty as fear.

For human-beings, their life, their opportunity to live is in the hands of MONEY, no different to plants in this world, to nature – our life, our opportunity to live is in the hands of human-beings driven by Money, where nature has become an industry as part-of the money-system of this world-system. Therefore, each and every single part of this world, its life and opportunity to live – is in the hands of God that is Money.

It’s fascinating to me how human-beings can still be deluded into believing that there is a ‘God’ or any other form of ‘higher-power’ that is within this existence, when within simply exploring the sciences of this world – everything can be explained physically, scientifically and mathematically and human-beings don’t have that inch commonsense in realising/seeing/understanding how – that which the sciences physically illustrate/show and explain is who/what we are, that we are living in and with this physical-manifested existence, therefore – whatever alterations, changes, specifications / evolution’s that occur/manifest/is created from/through it: is done by/through the living, action and creation of Human-beings and humans alone.  
Within my own process of ‘growth and development’ – it’s a matter of physical-science of a programmed seed that’s been part of this existence for eons of time that accordingly develop, grow and expand within the context of what constitute my mathematically-equatable process. The same with human physical bodies – the DNA is a mathematical-equatable programme that accordingly grows, develop and expand into and as a human-physical body that’s been constant and consistent over time. And this goes for all that is physical in this existence. So – in terms of the nature of development, growth and expansion – from seed into maturity, from physical-birth to physical-maturity – all that is physical from the great to the small is taken-care of in terms of the process of physical-development – however, in terms of the opportunity to grow, expand and live: this is not taken care of as this is in the hands of Money / dependent on human-beings driven by Money.
Yes – there are some plants / nature in this world that is not directly linked-to money in terms of their opportunity and ability to grow, expand and live, however – the world/earth, nature and the animal-kingdom and human-beings are indirectly linked to Money through the atmospheric changes that is currently underway such as Global-Warming, which is a direct-consequence of Money in this world, as the total of humanities drive for survival through Money has caused extensive damage, destruction and consequence to the total world/existence; and so – we’re all directly and indirectly influenced/affected by/as Money through Human-beings.

Now, what is interesting to note within this current-existence is that – everything that is physical, has its pre-programming in terms of physical-development that can be scientifically, mathematically understood, seen and observed. The only ONE THING that does not constitute this process of physical-development that is Not from/of this natural physical-existence: is the MIND of the human-beings, that from-which thoughts, internal-conversations, backchat, ego, personality and reactions of energy as emotions and feelings come-from. It’s been designed equal-to and one with the process of how a seed develop – pre-programming, an can be mathematically equated in its process of development and evolution through the being in the physical body; however its very substance, nature and constitution is in no way PHYSICAL, only SYSTEM. And therefore, the very nature of this mind-system is PARASITIC, as it develop, grow and expand through the being and the human physical body, by extracting natural-resource substance from/of the human physical body to such an extent throughout the human-beings life, that – it manifest the Death / End of the Physical and the Being with it in ending the life-experience of a human in this world.

So – the Mind Consciousness System in its pre-programming has been designed and programmed equal-to and one with the process of physical-development, growth and expansion – however, the difference between the Mind and what is physical in growth, expansion and development; is that the Mind is parasitic in nature and it enforces its survival into the physical and enslaves the being existent within/as it. It cannot exist without the being powering its consciousness and the physical-body powering its life-force as energy and exists within such a nature that, it eventually kills its host. Whereas with the growth, development and expansion of what is here that is physical, everything in its surroundings assist and support the process of growth/development and expansion, there is no parasitic nature leading to the death/end of something/someone, such as the development of the seed – the soil, the water, the sun all work-together with each-other in this process of giving the seed the opportunity to grow, develop and expand. The same with animals and human-beings, the physical-bodies are manifested in such a way that the total internal and external environment assist and support with the process of development.

Now, throughout time as the mind consciousness system developed through the being into the human physical body, and human-beings exerted and enforced their dominion over and of the earth and all that is physical as the mind consciousness system took control of the being and so the physical:
Everything in existence as this physical-manifested existence, had to compromise its natural physical-processes of growth, development and expansion to that of fear and survival, where the totality of existence now exist within that starting-point: Fear and Survival.

This is the same with me, even within/as and from my development as a seed – yes, the physical-programming is the same, in terms of the process of developing and growing; however the very experience of that process is driven by fear and survival as I have to make absolutely sure that I have this opportunity to grow and to sustain and maintain that growth-period within the nature of fear and survival that it’s being done, it can lead to compromising other life-forms around me.
I mean, it’s quite horrible, really - when looking at this and having to be this, that – for me to be able to develop and have the opportunity to grow and expand, I have to compromise other life-forms around me, for example – taking water-molecules from parts of the soil that the soil may have needed or other animals/insects in the earth may have needed for their processes of development, growth, expansion and living, because of rain/water not being sufficient or so polluted that I have to adjust/evolve my internal physical-processes to filter-through and filter-out the chemicals etc. in the water-molecules to obtain the pure substance of water – all of which again, is because-of/due to how we’ve gotten ourselves into this position throughout time, with being driven to exist in fear and survival and our very position in this world at this moment being dependent on money and human beings and how even water is no more actual, sustainable water but contaminated with a myriad amount of chemicals and substances of human-creation because-of/due to and for money. We will certainly have a water-molecule come-through and speak, especially those that work closely with the plants/animals in sharing the nature of what their substance has become because of humans and money and the extent to which it compromise the natural growth, development and expansion processes within nature, the earth and the animal-kingdom and the extent to which we had to limit and diminish ourselves, what we produce and the sustenance we provide because of water no more existing as that natural-substance which express life, nurturing into and through and as that which amalgamate with it.
For example, with plants, we amalgamate with water, it’s not a process of ‘taking and using it up’ – water is part-of the development and growth process, and it’s through the merging of the natural substance with and as water in its purity, and its naturalness that facilitate the process of development, growth and expansion as well as sustains the on-going process of growth, development and expansion. However now, we’ve had to adapt and evolve, as diminish and limit our processes of development, growth and expansion due to the little availability of being able to merge with the natural resource substance of water that facilitate our absolute potential to develop, grow and expand; so, we’ll now only develop, grow and expand dependent-on the nature, provision and constitution as well as availability of water through the water-molecules.

The very nature of nature has become limited and diminished because of and due to fear and survival, as well as the consequences of what was natural, physical that has become compromised to such an extent that only perpetuated the context of existing within fear and survival.
Have a look even at the context of our experience with water and human-beings’ experience with money. Human-Beings only have the opportunity to develop, grow and expand based-on the extent of the availability of Money, same as plants only have the opportunity to develop, grow and expand based-on the extent of availability of water. Money – as with Water is/as become the deciding-factor of the opportunity to which one will be able to live and experience life in this world/this reality. As with water, we can only develop, grow and expand dependent on the purity of amount of natural substance we can extract from the compromised water-molecules, and human beings can only develop, grow and expand dependent on the amount of money they’re able to obtain within the money-system of the world-system. As our very livelihood is dependent on water and our relationship with it, so is human-beings’ livelihood dependent on money and their relationship with Money.

How have we accepted and allowed ourselves to enslave ourselves to such an extent, where – our total life-expression has become that of fear, survival as what dependency as become, where – human beings’ very life is dependent on Money as our very life is dependent on the amount of merging we can do with the water’s natural physical-substance to assist/support our processes?
Instead of ‘dependency’ – we have relationships/agreements that are lived as what is best for all, equal and one where we all work together in equality and oneness, assisting and supporting each-other within and as each contributing its part as what it consist of and exist as; where we no more exist in fear and survival, but with the certainty that everything and everyone will assist/support themselves and each other to develop, grow and expand and in fact have that absoluteness of being able to live and experience life. Where, all of earth, nature and the animal-kingdom is cared-for and taken care of and the environment is directed into and as equal and one support and assistance, as with human-beings, where all human beings work-together in manifesting this world into and as a functional system in which all human beings are taken care of and cared for as well as where nature, the animal-kingdom and earth is considered and nothing is no more driven by fear and survival through mind / money; only living and life exists.

So – as nature, we’re in the process of assisting and supporting ourselves and each-other as much and as specifically as we’re able to, where for example the water-molecules are working-with the chemicals/pollutants within itself in terms of preparing natural substance / reconstituting the chemicals/pollutants relationships in such a way so as to assist/support nature/the animal-kingdom and the physical and we’re as plants assisting and supporting our development/growth/expansion without having to compromise any other lfie-forms/-expressions within and around us. However – we can only do so much, and – the future of this world/existence is in the Hands of us ALL as GOD.
We’re in fact the creators of this existence as is – from the beginning, through our acceptances and allowances and abdication of responsibility/accountability for ourselves, each other and everything within this existence. Therefore, in terms of human-beings self-responsibility – stop the Mind, the parasite destroying life as the physical, inhibiting, diminishing and limiting as compromising the very opportunity for literally everything in existence to develop, grow and expand into and as its utmost potential. Because it’s through the Mind-System that we’ve separated ourselves from everything and everyone that is physical, that’s created this world into and as fear and survival instead of equal and one living, in assistance and supporting and always considering ourselves and our actions within the context of what’s best for all.

There is a solution to what we have become and currently live – and that is ourselves, but ourselves TOGETHER. We have to stand-together, and that is the process of walking out of the mind of separation, fear and survival, into the physical of equality and oneness – to live a solution and so manifest a solution that’ll assist and support all of existence – equal and one.

So – remember, that in your process of walking out of the mind into the physical, you are not only living for you – but for all existence, equal and one – from the water-molecules, to the plants to the planets and stars in walking an opportunity where we can create and manifest a world, where – when one is born, the certainty of a life of living to grow, expand and develop is ABSOLUTE.

Let’s begin.

Wow – really, awesome in terms of seeing the extent to which we’re all in fact responsible for, not only ourselves, but all of existence in equality and oneness. Therefore, as the bean-plant showed, we’ve got to walk out of the Mind of separation and fear, into equality and oneness as the physical, to direct our living from fear and survival to what’s best for all – equal and one. So – from an individual-perspective, this is the process we walk to stop separation and stand and living in equality and oneness, and from a humanity-perspective; to stop our enslavement to money and the manifested-consequence it create for humanity, the earth, nature and the animal-kingdom – EQUAL MONEY is the solution. So – join-us at Desteniiprocess.com and Equalmoney.org where we’re walking ourselves as the Desteni of Existence.

Then, a few more points in relation to the Bean-Plant’s sharing:
The process and application of the Mind Consciousness System and its relationship with the Physical in how the mind consciousness system extract natural resource substance from/of the physical which manifested the very nature and existence of Death in this world – is thoroughly explained within the ‘What is Sex?” interview-series in EQAFE where we walk the origins of the existence of human-beings within the context of sex/sexuality which explain the total-evolution process of the human-being and human-civilization from the beginning of existence up to now.
Furthermore, for more perspective, insight and understanding and perspective of how we through the Mind Consciousness System, developed our relationship to/towards the physical and the total physical-existence that has manifested the total-nature of existence into and as fear and survival – follow this link and walk the process of the HISTORY OF MANKIND, from the beginning of existence to the creation of mankind and the manifestation of earth / this existence in seeing/realising/understanding how we’ve created everything that is here today, as it exist.

Sunette and the Bean-Plant


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