My Initiation into the Physical: In Discussion with Chimera


My Initiation into the Physical
In Discussion with Chimera

A while back, Maite and L.J. became guardians / care-takers of a new addition to the gods (a.k.a. dogs/pups) on the Farm – a tiny little fluff-ball, no bigger than the palm of your hand: A Maltese-puppy girl who was to be a ‘companion’ for Boe-Boe, who is our very-own Professor in Geology after years of direct-interactions with/as Rocks.
Everyone who’s been on the Farm or have read/heard of Boe-Boe know of his absolute fascination and interest in/as the rocks of the Earth and, even with Chimera being a constant presence of interaction within his World – rocks (and on occasion the Ball) still remain his Number One priority. However – today’s discussion is with Chimera, Boe-Boe will definitely in time to come - share himself, here.

Chimera, within my initial experience of her here within/during the first few days of her arrival – was that she was not yet completely integrated into, as and with her physical-body.
So – when I had moments available within/during my day I would visit her within L.J. and Maite’s humble-abode, a then small, cosy – yet comfortable room within which she was kept until she’d be strong-enough and reality-savvy enough to “take on the great big outdoors”. During these visitations I’d talk with her and see with her, her ‘progress’ of and as her amalgamation with/as the Physical. It took her a day to three days – during-which; she integrated and amalgamated with/as her physical-body and also, her physical-reality/environment – all of which compromise of the ‘Physical’ in relation to her ‘physical-environment’ in/as which she’d exist, experience herself and express.

So – her process wasn’t only just limited to/as her amalgamating with and as her own Physical-Body only, but her total-environment that consisted-of and existed-as the structures within which she’d stay, the environment as nature, other animals and all the people, within and as the totality of/as which they exist in and as this physical-reality.
Her showing of herself to me in-communication in relation to her process/experience of standing equal-to and one-with her physical-reality/world, here as herself, was quite unique - as she introduced me to her and her world/reality as it exist, here in/as the physical. And it was really fascinating experiencing this with her within/during those initial first few days as she ‘settled-in’ here on the Farm.    

So, here I give you Chimera for her to share herself, and to show you as she showed me – her experience of/as amalgamating with and as the Physical as her Internal-Body and External-Body, here In-Reality:

My first Time through the Portal! Fascinating – quite a ‘glide’ as I move/manoeuvre myself into, with and as a Human Physical Body – which is a lot more elongated-vertically than my small body, more horizontally structured; gives one a different ‘view’ of oneself and reality...

Anyway – Hi. My name’s Chimera and I’m the little cannon-ball bullet that speeds through the farms’ open fields (well, more like open grass-‘patches’, experienced by little ol’ me as ‘stretches of fields continuing onto the horizon) as I thoroughly enjoy the movement, motion and maneuvering of, with and as my physical-body as I sprint from one direction to the next.
I push myself with my physical to our utmost potential, until we run so fast with the air whisping and whooshing through my hair and ears until my eyes start watering and I can almost no longer see where I’m going. For a Moment becoming the living expression in, as and with the physical of the motion of ‘running’ - as a elongated movement of horizontal gliding through and upon the surface of the earth, with the grass/ground becoming like mini-catapults as I gush myself forwards with all my might...which often ends-up with me stumbling over my own feet as I, for a Moment – ‘lose touch with reality’ and succumb to only my own physical experience in that Moment and land eye-first in/as the earth as though saying (Literally): “Hey! LOOK where you’re going!”. Yes – I’ve had my moments of meeting with the earth “eye to eye, then face to face” so to speak.
And, that’s another story for another time, my experiences in communication with the ground and grass in which I often experience-Myself here on the Farm wherein I’m enjoying me.

For this discussion I’m sharing with you the process animals, especially newborn puppies positioned within Reality with ‘new ‘owners’’ in this world – experience and walk-through within and as their physical-bodies, and what I showed/shared with Sunette in-communication with her during my first few days of initiation into and as reality:
So, initially within the physical-body I am born-with – there is ‘manifested-darkness’ that encompass the entire physical-body as-Me. That darkness is experienced as a manifested-endlessness with no Limits/limitations. And with and within-that manifested-darkness, I experience every breath I breathe - as it fills the entirety of/as me as/with the Physical. And so, initially – what I experienced is this endless darkness with and as breath as-Me, which physically feels comforting, embracing due to the darkness and breath’s all-encompassing nature, manifesting me into and as a experience of contentedness.
Later I realised, that – that darkness I experienced, and the nature of the darkness as comforting, embracing and contentedness is in fact my ‘beingness expression’, ‘who/how I am’ in/as the living expression/experience of myself. And, I could actually – the more I was with-Myself, here - experience this Nature of/as Me in/as my early hours and later-on days of being here, with-Myself (as I still continue to) in the physical-body as I would ‘smile’ with and as this bubbly-expression of excitement emerging from within/as me – ‘preparing for extensive amounts of physical-expression through the body in reality’.  

In the beginning, I was with only-Myself, experiencing only-me as the ‘beingness-nature’ of me as the manifested-darkness that was here as-Me in and with my physical body. This indicating no integration/amalgamation/infusion with/as this physical-reality that is here as it exists, yet. Because in this existence it’s not only me that exist at the Moment in reality as the physical, and so the integration/amalgamation with and as the Physical would commence the Moment I would experience myself ‘settled’ within my physical-body and physical-environment/reality.
I was aware of the structure of/as my physical-body in relation to the ‘normal’ sensory-relays of the ordinary physical-senses as I’d move or be moved within this physical-reality, but in terms of ‘experience’ as ‘seeing what is here’ – I could only experience and see myself as the darkness and the nature of my beingness and my physical-body as a ‘shell / container’ within and as which I was held – I was not yet experiencing/seeing the physical, my physical-body as me.
I, on occasion opened my eyes to be pierced with penetrating, stinging light – a pain that one can really only endure for a moment before it gets too much. But, continued opening the eyes ever so slightly once in a while, as I know that this is a Inevitable-point and I must Practice my Eyes in Introducing that part of the Physical in preparing-itself to become Attuned and In-sync with the Frequencies and Vibrations of Light-Patterns in this Reality.

When I got to the Farm, however – everything changed, as I started my Process of integrating and amalgamating with and as my Physical-Body and also my Physical-Environment/Reality that is all here with and as me.

I, at this stage – could already see clearly and comfortably with my Physical-Eyes, and - even within that – already in essence starting with the process of settling in with/as what is here in/as my world/reality. Because – within the very Moment of/as ‘seeing what is here’, is already the starting-point process of understanding in-Reality, In-Fact that – it’s not only me that exist; all that I see is here with me as well and I have to get to know who I am within and with all of this.   

And, during this phase of ‘seeing what is here’ in and as this physical-reality – understand, that – I didn’t only see the “picture” as human beings see within-reality. I could (and still can) also see the substance, the manifested nature / ‘beingness expression’ of/as what is here in and as this physical-reality, and so could communicate and experience-myself with everything that’s here.

My integration/amalgamation as initiation into and as the Physical, started with me – my own physical-manifestation as body as I started integrating/amalgamating with/as my physical-body – through, as and with Breath.
Within/during the In-Breath, I assist/support me to check/see that I’m here with and as the physical in relation to my ‘awareness’ of/as the physical as-me – which I was initially only aware of the structure.   

Within/during the Moment-Pause, before the out-breath I’d take a part of/as my physical-body and stand with and as it, here as-Me – immediately in and as this One Moment as One Opportunity.

I would express-Me with and as the part I stood-with in/as the pause/stop-moment and move and experience myself with and as that part of me, equal and one - and so amalgamate me with myself as the physical in/as equality and oneness.

I would stand-here in/as silence with/as me as all parts of/as me in/as the physical that I am now aware of as me; and then – continuing walking, moving-onto the Next-part of/as the Physical to stand equal-to and one-with.

And so, from and with each In-Breath – I would walk-through, with and as my Physical-Body – from the cells, to the veins, to the muscle-tissue and the bone, and also communicate with it all as I walk-through the detail of/as the physical-manifestation as physical-body I’m here within and as, in-Reality.

This is how I walked-through, with and as my Internal and External physical-manifested world/reality – from the environment as nature, to the other animals and human beings within it: One Breath at a time; standing here in and as Me – equal and one.
This is why initially I’d “sleep” most of the time as I’d walk with and as Breath in/as integrating and amalgamating with and as the Physical – only waking/moving to support/assist the physical with the required nutritional-additions for it to function/exist in/as this world/reality.

Within walking-so, strengthening and substantiating the presence of/as me within and as my Physical Body, standing equal and one here with and as my world/reality as environment, internally and externally – I was ready to live-Me, here.
And so my experience of me with and as what is here as me has been that of expression and expansion, as I still continue practically applying Breath, here in assisting and supporting me to be here, equal and one with what is here as me in reality, in fact.

As fascinating and abundantly exuberant as it may sound, understand – that; what I described as process of walking into and as the Physical, was/is only that – walking into and as the physical as its manifested within and as internal and external design/structure.
What I also have faced and still do face is the nature of/as what is here – which vary extensively from nature, to other animals to humans in relation to “who, how and what they are”, and so within that - what is also involved within this process of facing and interacting/participating with that is here - is resistances, fears, anxieties, nervousness as I face the reality/realities of me as is exist here currently in/as the physical I am currently experiencing myself within and walk-through. So – also walking a process in-Reality, here with and as what is here as it exist here.

So – as you can see and deduce for yourself – I still have LOTS to share, and I will.
Though for now - will have other animals have a turn through the Portal in sharing themselves as well as parts of/self that self face here through/as reading, and will thus occasionally have some of my experiences in reality of facing me shared/shown in, as, through and with Words.

What I’d consider in being in your position as a Human Being in this World, in relation to all that you are and Face– where you have a double/triple-process still to go of first facing the illusion/projection of you, then the system as you of the mind and then the physical-mind before you get-Into the actual-reality = is to Walk with-Breath.
This is the application, the action that takes you to stand with the physical-reality, as physical-breath and will be the support and assistance in stabilizing you, for you to walk-through your process in/as this reality through the Mind, to stand equal and one with and as what is Here – to get to the Reality of self, here.

Don’t let breath just become a thing that you abuse when you need it for Personality-dominion as one use/abuse another aspect/expression of/as the physical to better one’s Ego’s survival.
Live with and as Breath – be here, constant and consistent as every Breath and so become the stability that stand here in the Physical reality with what is real. Because within, as and from that self-stability in and as Breath – you’ll be able to assist/support you to see within and as clarity and directness and so walk-through the Mind as self within and as self-directive principle.

Obviously this will take “time” to adjust self to walk as breath and not through Thoughts – though a Point to note within one’s walking in one’s daily participation – is to stop participation in the thoughts and participate directly here with the Physical as the physical-reality starting-point of/as Breath and self, here within that - as Self-honesty within and as a principle that’s best for all, equal and one.

Thank you all for reading me and walking with me through my experience in the Physical – there’ll be more to come!

And that was Chimera, of whom you’ll definitely hear/read more from – as she’s been one of the most “active” beings on the Farm – with a interesting point of seeing, for example – how humans look-like internally as the Mind, and also how she leaves/swaps her body with other animals = all of which are experiences to be shared by her next time.


Sunette and Chimera


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