The Concrete Jungle: In Discussion with a Midge

The Concrete Jungle
In Discussion with a Midge

I was driving in my car; on my way to the Farm from town – when I experienced an intense ‘presence’ within and as me.
I become physically aware of another beings’ physical-presence in this way when a being indicate that they’d like to communicate, share, show or express themselves or a point with me – this especially with regards to nature and the animal-kingdom. Either I initiate communication through speaking with and as them ‘here’ or they make me ‘aware’ of/as themselves within a particular specific point/expression they’d like to share, show or express through and as an indication of such a ‘physical presence awareness’ within and as my Physical Body.

Here I was driving, experiencing the intense ‘physical presence awareness’ and I look to my right and here’s a little Midge flying around in the car; taking a drive with me to the Farm!
I was initially quite surprised, as the Midge in terms of its physical-design is this teeny-weeny, minute manifestation – yet, its presence was quite intense. Which, yet again within that moment – reminded me of the equality and oneness that is here, in fact within reality and this world and this existence; from the perspective that everything that exist; is a being that is here sharing and experiencing this world and this existence with and as everything, everyone and all that is here.
How we as human beings accept and allow ourselves to ‘play gods’ within the life and death of every single living, existent aspect of reality/existence and all and everything and everyone within and as it; when – from the greater to the small, we’re in this physical reality together, equally as one - and within the absolute sense of who we’re able to be, become and live – we’re equal and one; from the greater to the small.
However – due to our accepted and allowed self-proclaimed status within existence as the starting-point of separation – we’ve abused power and responsibility, submitted to states of acceptance and enslavement wherein all, equally as one is driving this world, this existence to be as it is today and that – to in fact change what we’ve done and become, to in fact take self-responsibility – is to stand-up, stop and change ourselves – equally as one.

So – here I give you the Midge, to remind you as he reminded me – of where we are now as what we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to be, become and do and what is required to be done to in fact change ourselves and this world as ourselves into a living reality that’s best for all, from the great to the small – equal and one:

“Hi every one.

Yes, it is interesting how one tend to miss the teeny-weeny, minute beings that occupy the ‘spaces in between’ within the atmosphere of this world; moving with Nature and the surrounding environment to establish, assist and support the manifested-equilibrium within and as which Nature exist in relation to all, everything and everyone else that is dependent on its stability and production of resources.

Even for myself as a Midge within this process; it’s a walk of stopping myself for a moment and actually, in fact becoming aware of what is here within myself as my physical-manifestation design and formation, and ‘my world’ as immediate-/direct-environment; but within a starting point of equality and oneness. Because, have a look:
As a human being – you acquire/obtain knowledge and information ABOUT your human physical body, in relation to how it exist and function; but has never considered, or even realised that your human physical body is in fact here with you in reality, this world and can in fact actually communicate with all parts of your body as your human physical body as all parts of it; is ‘aware’ of itself as a being.
However, what is separating self from this equal and one experience/living with and as the human physical body; is – none other than the Mind Consciousness System.  

For myself; as with the Animal Kingdom and Nature – it’s been a ‘simpler’ process in walking our process now directly within, as and with the physical – because we didn’t have a Mind Consciousness System.
So; from that perspective – the Process of the Human Being as the Mind Consciousness System is and will be different as you have to transcend the Mind Consciousness System; before getting back into, here with and as the Physical and then from the Physical start in walking one’s process of standing, becoming and being equal-to and one with one’s Human Physical Body to become a living example of/as equality and oneness here.

Though, what I realised – within becoming aware of my physical-design/manifestation; is that – I’ve never considered, regarded or realised what I’ve always been ‘missing’ and in that, neglecting - what has been right here with, as and within me as my own physical-design/-manifestation that is primarily making it possible for me to even exist in this world/reality.
And, within that – how I hadn’t even considered developing a relationship with, communication with what is here in my immediate-/direct-environment as the microscopic beings of animals and bacteria as existing-beings, much smaller than myself – that’s always been here experiencing, sharing my direct-environment with me; or even the water-molecules/mist I sometimes ‘play’ with/on when positioning myself on a water-drop and riding the atmosphere with and on it.

The Mind Consciousness System that human beings have developed, designed and manifested is a structure composed of knowledge and information ABOUT what is here, as it exist – as all, everything and everyone that exist has been approached from the starting-point of investigation, exploring and discovering it from a seperative-observant status within the self-belief, idea and perception that the Human Being is the intelligence, wisdom of, within and as this Existence towards what is here. Instead of walking WITH and AS what is here – equal and one, to see, realise, understand and experience what is here as and with self in and as this existence.
Now – Human Beings exist within and as concrete manifested system, vested into and as knowledge and information passed on from generation to generation, generating layer upon layer and altering the genes of/as the human physical body to the extent where one’s living-behaviour is programmed within and as the context of ‘who one live’ within and as the physical, as one’s personalized Mind Consciousness System; functioning through personalities charged with energy, produced by the system-components mining the physical body of its natural resources; as the Being of the Human Being provide the power for the System as Mind to exist; completely unaware of the Life that is right here a Breath-away within and as the Physical, if they but so much as give themselves a moment to stop participating in reality through the Mind, but be here with and as the Physical – to see, realise and understand as I have – what has been missed, and in so doing – neglected; that has brought us as individuals and the world to the current world-manifestation and experience it is today.

We have accepted and allowed ourselves to approach, participate and exist within this world/reality within the starting-point of knowledge and information, acquired and obtained as the relationship within separation we exist as TOWARDS what is here; and have approached, participated and existed within this Physical-Reality/-World within the living-acceptance of such knowledge and information; within and through which we’ve created the Concrete Mind within and the Concrete Jungle without – building; hoisting and structuring cemented manifestations – internally and externally as we establish, erect and manifest structures within and through which we can live-out our creations of Mind and World; as we’ve created realities within separation internally and externally – both of which; harm ad abuse the physical within negligence due to separation.
Harming and abusing the Physical that is here of the Resources and Sustenance that it naturally and unconditionally consist of and exist as and have provided for the continued-existence of all and everything and everyone that continue to exist in, as and with the physical existence; along with the greater and the small of the animal-kingdom, insects and bugs - that assist and support in the unison with and as nature to stand in stability with and as the Earth to provide the Breath of Life to and as the Physical.
The Breath which is the One Point, the One opportunity for and as the Human Being to assist and support themselves within the process of establishing equality and oneness, with self – through ‘bringing self back together again’ as the Mind into and as which you’ve separated yourself; from where to establish Self, Here in and as with the physical; from where to start changing one’s living in and as with the physical to a living example of what’s best for all so that we can change this reality through and as self into and a existence that’s in fact best for ALL, from the greater to the small.

And so; this is the point – from my own personal-experience and realisation; that each one can take with them – equally, as one; to realise and understand the process of stopping the Mind as self, in developing self-awareness with and as the physical; to through that see what we’ve in fact accepted and allowed, become and done unto ourselves, the physical and existence as ourselves – through ‘missing’ what is and always has been here, right here in as and with the physical. To so start walking the process, of assisting and supporting self to be here WITH and AS what is here; and experience, share and express equal and one, and stop approaching, participating and existing in separation through knowledge and information ABOUT and TOWARDS what is here, only creating manifested consequence of negligence and abuse.

We’ve got quite a process of ahead of us, in changing ourselves and this world – but the first step; is taking self responsibility and stopping self-separation into and as the Mind Consciousness System through ‘finding one’s feet / stability / stand’ within and as oneself – done through Self-Forgiveness; Writing and Self Corrective Living as you take back your power, your directive will and start changing self into the Living Principle of what’s best for all – while you support and assist yourself in standing, being and becoming equal-to and one with yourself, here as the Physical.
And so, deconstruct and walk oneself out of the cemented constructions of the concrete manifestations of Mind within, built within and as knowledge and information as the components of the design of separation; and establish oneself, grounded and rooted here, in and as one’s origins as the Physical; to birth oneself as Life from the Physical – to in fact live WITH and AS what is here; and no more through perceptions, ideas and beliefs of knowledge and information.

In and through this process, one will start becoming aware of what is here as and with self; from the greater to the small and realise, that even something as teeny-weeny and minute as myself; share, experience and express itself within and as this world and existence; and is walking this process with you; until it’s done.”

Thank you
Sunette and the Midge


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