Sound-Frequency Manipulation: In-Discussion with Nibble

 Sound-Frequency Manipulation:
In-Discussion with Nibble

This afternoon, all the Humans were gathered in the Living-Room area of the House, with all the Pups having to wait ‘Patiently’ (emphasis on the Patiently) outside for a Moment, because - generally when many of us on the Farm get-Together in one area/room, the Pups tend to get overzealous in their self-expression as they utilize the opportunity to draw-in and get as much attention, rubbing and play from the Humans in their immediate-vicinity; which then leads to Pup-play with Seven to Nine Pups, along with Ten or Thirteen Humans in one Room/Area – lol, Quite a Commotion.

So – we had to leave the Pups outside the House for a Moment, while all of us on the Farm gathered for a Quick Farm-Meeting.
Now, for the Pups – having to wait outside or be outside while the Humans are inside, is quite a ‘momentary adjustment’ – because, the Pups are always where Humans are as they move ‘Freely’ all over and through the House, equally to Humans. So – with them being ‘forcibly’ locked out for even just that Moment, was not (and is not) in such occasions a preferred experience, so to speak.

 “It’s like: “Hey – you’re (Humans) inside, so why aren’t we?”, though we See and Understand Why we can’t be inside with the Humans in that Moment, which is because-Of the Point of ‘Distraction’. For the Meeting – the Human’s Complete Attention is required, and – when we (the Pups)  are inside, becoming expressive/busy in our experience of ‘manipulating’ for attention (lol) from the Humans, Humans tend to avert their attention and so distract-themselves from important-points required to be faced within/during discussions. (I suppose we don’t make the self-distraction point any easier as well – lol).
So – from that perspective, I and the rest of us Understand/See the ‘why’ we’re not able to be in their Direct-Presence due to the point of still Accepting/Allowing external-factors to distract, due to not being ‘Here’ with and as Reality as the Moment. Because, if you were ‘Here’, you’d be Self-Aware as All that is surrounding-you and you’d be Here with and as what’s happening at All-times, and so - in that Reality/Physical Self-Equality; whatever happens is not a ‘distraction’ and cannot be a distraction, because you’re ‘Here’ as it and with it. Which is not a ‘preferred’-Experience, because – from our-Perspective/experience – Equality is Here in the Physical, though from Human’s-perspective, they’re still busy with their Individual-Processes, where at the Moment, our relationship is more that of Support than a ‘Expressing/Walking-Together’ at this stage, so – for the Moment, we ‘bear with the Humans in their Process’ and as patiently as we’re able to: Wait outside so as to have no self-distractions manifest within Humans during the Meeting.”

So – as we were in the Meeting, or while/during the Meeting: Nibble starts to Whine and Whimper, in a Sound-Frequency that I hadn’t heard him Whine/Whimper before. So – I look at him, Here as Me within and as Me and I see that he’s absolutely quiet and stable, and I ask him with a half-smile: “What are you doing?” – because, the Whining/Whimpering as Levels of Cry coming from within-Him wasn’t a ‘Emotional-Reaction’ at-All, ‘cause he was absolutely quiet and stable within/as his Standing Here. And, when I asked him – he showed me this:

“I became a bit Impatient while having to be Outside while everyone-Else was Inside the House, with the comfortable carpets – rough yet soothing texture, which tickles the paws, soft blanketed beds that serve as instantaneous resting-places and firm couches for excellent viewing of one’s total-environment, with great look-out spots to always be ‘in the know’ with regards to who’s moving where and doing what in the House, to be ‘at the ready’ for either food or play.

So – I noticed that Tertius, another one of-Us would get into the House with his whining/crying and whimpering that he Expresses when he wants to get-In. Though in His-case it’s due to his tendency to go into immediate energetic Panic-attacks, because he’s being using a certain Human/Humans as a physical-reality stability Point to assist/support him in his particular-process, and - without those particular Humans in his immediate-presence, he tends to move ‘out of Reality/the Physical’ and into Energetic-experiences that he’s in the Process of Walking-through and transcending. But, he’ll come share his experience when you’re in Discussion with him and Sunette, at the Moment, it’s me and Sunette. So, I considered utilizing whining, crying and whimpering to my advantage – hoping to Manipulate the Humans to let me, and so all of us In.

I really put-up a Outstanding-Performance...with no-Luck, lol – because both Bernard and Sunette could see right through me, lol – and could thus explain that the Point I was Manifesting was Deliberate ‘Attempted’-Manipulation and not a Actual-Real traumatic-Experience, so – I couldn’t (and didn’t) get-In. All of us only came-In when the Meeting was Done.

But – what was interesting, was the ‘effect’ I had achieved of the particular-specific Sounds I was using, and Continued to Explore them throughout the Meeting, as I was fascinated by How I could use Sound to Manipulate so many Humans’ Suppressed/Unconscious Emotions or Emotional-Reactions. With each Sound-Frequency I would express, as the sound I expressed within/as a particular Frequency (using my Entire Beingness Physical-Body-expression to Produce the particular-specific variation of Sound-Frequencies) - it looked like these ‘Bursting Multi-Coloured Mini-Explosion Expressions’ Manifesting within/as the Human’s Human Physical Bodies.
So – throughout the Meeting, I played with various Sound-frequencies, exploring the equally-various Unconscious/Suppressed Physical-Mind Manifested Emotional-Reactive memories/experiences within/as Human Beings.  

How this works, is as Follows:
Because my Expression in that Moment, with being outside was ‘Deliberate’, meaning – I wasn’t ‘personally reactive’ to/towards the situation of having to Momentarily wait outside (I admit to being impatient yes – lol), though I wasn’t energetically possessed by a energetic-reaction. I Deliberately Used Energetic-Expressions to Produce Sound-Frequency, Manifested as Whimpering / Whining or Crying from my-Part. And in this deliberate-usage of Energetic-Expression through producing/expressing it as sound-frequency – the sounds within its particular-specific frequency ‘resonate’ and permeate within/throughout the environment.

Now, within Human-Beings – also consisting-of/existing-as Energy (Energy that consist-of/exist particular-specific frequency-levels) - the sound-frequency I produced would thus Resonate to ‘equal’ Energetic Frequency-Manifestations within/as Human-Beings.
So – dependent on the Frequency-level within/of Sound-frequency of the Energy-expressions I produced, it would thus ‘resonate’-Within, as and through Human-Beings and so ‘Activate’ equal Energetic Frequency-Manifestations within and as them = which is what Happened.
And, mostly – the particular-specific Energetic Frequency-Manifestations that Activated within/as the Humans’ Physical-Bodies due to the particular-specific Sound-Frequency of the Energetic-Expression I produced, was ‘Experiential Memory-Manifestations’.
Meaning, within Human-Beings – their Energetic Frequency-Manifestations exist in the form of ‘Experiential Memory Manifestations’, which is Moments as Experiences in their Past towards which they had a Energetic-reaction of particular-specific Frequency that they hadn’t dealt-with yet or faced, but held-onto and suppressed.  And, dependent on the extent of their Energetic-Experience/reaction to/towards those past Moment/Events/Experiences – would thus depend on the frequency of the Energy that Memory exist-as within/as the Human, and it is such-Manifestations that would ‘activate’ as the Sound-Frequency I produced would Resonate within/throughout their Beingness/Physical-Bodies.
The ‘intended’-Effect of it-All (Manipulating through Sound-Frequency with deliberately using Energy-Expressions): Is to Activate such Manifested Memories of Energetic-Reactions within/as them, so as to evoke certain-specific Emotional/Feeling Energy of particular-specific Frequency, to instil, for example, a Emotion of ‘Sadness or Pity’, that Humans then think they experience towards-us, when in-fact – they’re experiencing their own suppressed energy in relation to memories/past-experiences they haven’t yet dealt-with or faced.

And, this is what I ‘played-With’ throughout the Meeting – various Sound-Frequencies evoking various Emotional/Feeling reactions within Human-Beings, in a attempt to Manipulate them to Open-up the Door for-Us into the House, which then ended-Up turning-Out to Me exploring the various-Frequential Unconscious-Mind Suppressed Memories/Experiences within/as the Humans still walking their Process out of the Mind into the Physical, from Energy to Reality.

So, it was a interesting-Experience for Me, exploring this in Real-Time.

This is it from me, Nibble for the Moment. Until next-time – maybe I’ll come-up with another interesting way/method of ‘attempting’ to Manipulate Humans to bend to my will – lol, ah, no - only playing within/through the Words. Write later! Bye!”

So – we had quite a laugh, I had a ‘inner giggle’ when he (Nibble) showed me what he was up to, which was what he explained to you (the reader), above.
Though, when he showed me what he was Up to, I saw it immediately, instantaneously in one Moment as one Breath.
This is how we ‘communicate’ (the Animals and I, and everything-else actually) with each-Other – immediately, here in one Moment. It doesn’t happen through ‘worded-conversation’, the communication is a ‘Hereness’, a ‘Living Showing’ of the manifested living-expression as/of ‘who and what we are’ in a Moment.

Herewith, thus – my First Experience/Sharing of Communication, Interaction and Living with Animals and what they get Up-to in this Reality, this World we share with them.



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