The Butterfly-Effect: In Discussion with a Rooster and Hen

The Butterfly-Effect
In Discussion with a Rooster and Hen

On the farm – we have Chickens. Chickens that – as one’s human physical eyes would ‘see’;  occupy their day with pecking and scratching for food, charging at each-other scrimmaging for food, perching themselves up in the shade, seeking refuge from the scorching sun...and copulating. An occurrence that often catches one’s eye while preparing the Stables for the Horses in the late-afternoon, as the Rooster intends-itself towards the Hen with a pursuit, a catch, a mounting and then fertilizing - and, once done - the Rooster and Hen goes about continuing being their ordinary ‘Roostery’, ‘Henny’ selves.    

So, one afternoon I was walking amongst the Chickens that spread around the general area of the Horses’s stables as they await their evenings’ Meal of bread and lettuce we give them as a additional daily treat; and I observed a Rooster and Hen in their moment of copulation and simultaneously the reality of such a Physical-Action in relation to the astute-Resemblance thereof in relation to the Sexual-Intercourse between Males and Females in terms of the brute approach of the Experience in relation to how Sexuality is currently being practiced within, by, through and as human beings.
In that Moment, with the Rooster and the Hen – they showed-Me the interconnectedness of that Moment of copulation to the sexual-Moment of/as Human-Beings in how the Unified-Field butterfly-effect was used to trap and enslave both Humans and Animals into and as the Pre-programmed Unified-Field design, through and as Sex/Sexuality.

Thus - the focus of this Document, is in relation to that Moment of Fertilization of the Hen by the Rooster, in and as the Manifested-Moment of the Rooster mounting the Hen and taking the Hen by the back of the neck, holding onto that point on-top of the hen, clawing itself into the back of the Hen until the fertilization is Complete.
The point of discussion in relation to this Manifested-Moment will be the Hen and Rooster giving perspective of how their Physical-Design of/as the Fertilization-moment was interconnected within and as the Unified Consciousness Field of/as the Unconscious-Mind World-System to maintain the Manifested-System of/as Sexual-Interaction of/as Human Beings, to ensure the ‘Upkeep’ of the Unified Consciousness Field of/as the Unconscious-Mind World-System as created, designed and manifested as well as existed and functioned within, as, through and by Human Beings.

Then, within that – how this Point has now been Changed, where – Sex will become Responsibility for/of Self and no more the Channelled-Consequence for/of others throughout the World, as each one now Face all and everything of themselves within the current-Manifestation of the Inversion of Process.

And so - they’re going to share with you what they showed me in that One Moment with and as the Rooster and Hen.

I give you to the Rooster and the Hen...

Rooster and Hen

“This is going to be a very structural, mechanical discussion as we lay-out, describe and specify how a part of the Unified-Field System operated or functioned through the nature of and as interconnectedness, and – within that:
That the actual implications and consequences of ‘Interconnectedness’ is not, and has not – In-Fact, Really been Understood in relation to how ‘Interconnectedness’-existed as the Manifestation of and as the Unified Consciousness Field through and as the Unconscious-Mind of Humanity and the Animal-Kingdom.

The ‘initial’ Manifested-Design/-Creation as Purposed-Function of and as the Animal-Kingdom in relation to How we’ve been Interconnected into and as  the Unified Field together-With Humanity, was through the Unconscious. Our Unconscious, together with the Unconscious of Human Beings – were equally locked and programmed into and as the Unified-Field,  as we were pre-programmed and designed into and as the Raw-Nature/Reality of Human Beings Unconscious-Mind as the Base-Programs upon-which your Subconscious- and Conscious-Mind and with that, the Total Mind Consciousness System Personalities/Persona’s have been Designed and Built.

Our very Physical-Manifested Design in relation to our actual physical-interaction in and as reality with and as Human Beings, was deliberately pre-programmed and designed into and as equal-creation as the Unconscious-Mind Mind Consciousness System components and parts that ‘give-‘Rise’’ / ‘Creation’ to and as the rest of the Mind Consciousness System as the Subconscious- and Conscious-Mind from, through and as-which Personalities are created, formed and manifested into and as existence.  
Thus, how and why so many ‘Primary Primal’-connections can be drawn between the Animal-Kingdom and Human Beings when looking at the ‘Raw-Nature/Reality’ of /as certain-specific physical-actions, as we’ve been literally, purposefully and deliberately - Created, Designed and Manifested into and as the Unified-Field, with and as the Unconscious as direct-connections to and as the components and parts of the Unconscious Mind that foster the total Mind Consciousness System and so the enslavement and control of Human Beings.

Now that you have a Overview of ‘where we are’ within the System in relation to what we’re going to be discussing of the System:
Let’s walk-Into a specific-Example, that is Ourselves - as the Rooster and Hen, and the Moment of Fertilization; to Show-exactly, through using the example that is ourselves – How we’ve been Deliberately, purposefully Designed, Created and Manifested as Slaves to and as the Unconscious-Mind of and as Human Beings for the ‘greater purpose’ of continuing the Energetic Charging/Feeding of/as the Unified-Field as Manifested World-System - keeping Human-Being controlled within and as their Pre-Programmed Systems as Mind.

Note, that – the Unified-Field and the Interconnectedness of/as the Unconscious-Mind between and among Human-Beings no-More exist, and that each Human Beings’ Unconscious-Mind has/is now Inverted into and as Self into and as the manifested Physical-Mind, for self to Directly - in this Physical-Reality, once and for all - Face One’s Own Creations as Manifested-Consequence and Finally take responsibility for it All, one way or the other.
However – the Point of this-Discussion is to Show an example of the Accepted and Allowed Role the Animal-Kingdom has played in the enslavement of Ourselves and the World, and so within-That the Role Human Beings, equally - have/are playing within the Accepted and Allowed Enslavement of/as Self and the World. In this - Showing, Practically how we’re In-Fact Individually Self-Responsible for what Exist in this World/Reality today. And how we Require taking, standing and living that Point of Self-Responsibility, as-Self, Equally as One - to Manifest Definitive, Eternal change for All Equally as One in and as Existence - to Stop what we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to be, become and live.
And then, Finally - also for all those who promote Interconnectedness – to start Seeing, Realizing and Understanding the Manifested-Consequence they’re In-Fact Promoting as ‘Unity’, and that the Only Actual ‘Unity’ is already Here as the Physical-Manifest. The Physical that is not based-on/dependent-on Interconnectedness of Interdependent Relationships; but In-Fact already Equal and One - as All that is Physical, is Physical together – Here, Equal and One in and as Reality.

Interdependent interconnectedness as the Unified Consciousness Field was/is of System.
The Key, the Answer is merging with and as the physical – removing all relationships to/towards parts of self, connected with as energy and strand Equal and One with and as all Parts of Self to Establish a Starting-Point of and as Equality and Oneness, Here in and as the Physical. And so, our Existence in Reality Change from Separate Relationships within Energy, to an Equal and One existence with ourselves as all parts of ourselves.   

Understand, that – this Entire/Total World-System has been Designed, Programmed and Manifested as the Ultimate Obvious Deception:
The key, the answer to Freedom is right-Here – right in front of each and every single part of this Existence, as literally each manifested-part within, as and of existence – is, in fact a part of self – which will now also be shown and illustrated within and as the manifested-Example of and as the Moment of ourselves as the Rooster and Hen, in how we’ve been designed, programmed and manifested as a part of /as the Unconscious-Mind of/as human beings.
“Divide and Conquer” – the Statement that has been Implemented into the very Fibre of the Physical and Substance of the System, as all of self has been divided into and as manifested-separation and so conquered the existence of/as Actual, Real Freedom as Human Beings have been enslaved into and as individualization into and as Absolute Separation, within existing within the Epitome of Diminishment and Limitation as the Manifested Confines of and as the Conscious-Mind, now even Less than a Resonant-Thought.
Now the ‘challenge’ is to Stand – even through the Ruins of what we’ve created, both internally and externally; and it starts with Realising, Seeing and Understanding the Point of Self-Responsibility with the next step of Taking and Living that point of Self-Responsibility into Action of stopping the Mind as continued participation in and as the consequence of separation and Living with the Physical in establishing oneness and equality with and as all of self, here.   

Alright, so – with that, in relation to where we stand within and as and with Process, let us show you what we shared with Sunette, to – see for yourself the consequence of separation, and the responsibility we have towards ourselves and all parts of ourselves in and this world to stop what we’ve done and become:
Two of the primary ‘Raw-Natures/Realties’ within existence is Reproduction and Survival. Both of which exist within the Animal-Kingdom and Human-Beings, however – in the world of Human Beings – they have been beautified into terms of “Making Love” and “Building a Future” as Reproduction has been masqueraded as Sex/Relationships and Survival Masked as Money/Jobs/Family.
However, no matter how much or to what extent you veil, mask or redefine the existence of such-Manifestations – the Raw-Nature/Reality of it all, remain here as still being but Reproduction and Survival as the Animal-Kingdom, equal-to and one with Sex and Money within and as the Human-Reality.  

So, reproduction and survival are two interconnected pre-programmed designs, where – reproduction through and as sex is acted-upon for/of the continued survival/existence of a species and the continued survival/existence of a species is dependent on the continued action of reproduction through and as sex. So:  Sex/Reproduction for Survival and Survival through Sex/Reproduction. Within and as this interconnected pre-programmed design – Human Beings, as with the Animal-Kingdom were certified into and as continued cycles of existence, to ensure their continued-existence.
This has always been, and is - the utmost function/accepted and allowed potential of/as Human Beings and the Animal-Kingdom: to Survive and Reproduce for the continued-existence of and as the Mind Consciousness System, which fuelled the Unified Consciousness Field and so the greater System as total World-System.

The Actual-Reality of what we in the Physical are existing-as, is: Reproduction and Survival – everything and all else that we are and experience - form and manifest part-of the illusionary-existence/realities of and as the Mind – which is almost, or in fact = basically Everything.

So, within this – what the Physical has become for-Us is but a mechanism through and from which the Mind can exist, from and through the Two base-functions it has served as accepted and allowed Servant of and as the Manifested-Existence of-Itself as Human Beings and the Animal Kingdom, for example – as Reproduction and Survival as the main, base Roots from/of which the Total Mind Consciousness System and the Existent-experience of and as Human Beings has been cultivated.

Understand, that – the ‘Physical’ we speak-of here is the Physical-Mind, that part of the Physical that has and is equally self-responsible for/of the manifested-enslavement of and as this World. And, so – here; see, realise and understand how even the Physical is self-responsible in and as what exist as it exist in and as existence in and as the Moment, Here.
The manifested Physical of and as equality and oneness is here, in and as the fact that = we’re all Physical. And the key, the answer exist here in and as the Physical – because it is here, in and as the Physical that becomes the One Point within and as which we can all stand Equal within and as the living starting-point of and as equality and oneness.

Herein, also – how we’ve separated ourselves from/of the very Physical, as we’ve only used/abused the Physical for/of Reproduction and Survival and existing/functioning through a System as the Mind within Energy – not In-Fact Living, actually expressing and experiencing ourselves in and as the actual Human Physical Body. A process that many is now undertaking in changing their existence from energy through a system as the pre-programmed Mind Consciousness System of knowledge and information, and Assisting and Supporting themselves in Discovering Who they Are as Living Words in and as the Physical, with a Self-Directive Principle of Equality and Oneness, as What’s Best for All. A insight into and as Self that is Real, and that will become Real through Seeing, Realising and Understanding who we are as Physical, Real, Living beings instead of pre-programmed organic robots of mind as consciousness.

Within the previous Reality/World Design of/as the Manifested Unified-Field of/as interdependent interconnectedness, the manifested Moment-Action of/as ourselves as the moment of penetrated-Fertilization of/as the Rooster and Hen within and as that very Moment of Fertilization; was channelled into and as the total, entire Sex-Matrix of and as Human Beings, from consensual-sex to forced-sex  – all of which are the Manifested-representations of and as the Raw-Nature/Reality of Sex in and as the Physical through and as the manifested Physical-Mind.
Thus – all Moments of Sex within existence, were interconnected – as Sex was an act lived-out through and as the Physical within and as the Unconscious as one of the Primary Raw-Natures/Realities of/as Human-Beings and the Animal-Kingdom in and as the Physical through and as the manifested Physical-Mind.  From ‘making love’ to ‘rape’ – the physical-action of such manifested-moments remain the same in its beastly-expression of what we have become. The only different between ‘making love’ within sex and ‘rape’ - is the Polarity-Manifested Opposite of the Existence of the Two within and as the Unified-Field that was Driven by, through and as Polarity.   Wherein two Extremes of Everything existed, and had to Exist for Friction to be Produced to Ensure continued movement, participation through Conflict and so the surety of the existence of the System.

And, so – whether ‘making love’ or ‘rape’, both Participants Fed/Supported and Charged the continued-Existence of the other, as People ‘made love’, they Produced a Positive Energy that was dispersed into, as and through the Unconscious-Mind into and as the Unified Field to keep the World-System as a whole going in and as the context of how Human Beings functions and exist in relationship with the Mind and the World-System.
And, in that action of producing Positive-Energy – Energy was Taken from within and of the Unified-Field to manifest that positive energy, Experienced as a Orgasm. The Energy of that moment, taken from within and as the Interconnected Sex-Matrix within, as and of the Unified Field, and - with ‘taking energy’ – the Equilibrium within the Sex-Matrix is/was Imbalanced.
Then, to Balance it – a part within the Sex-Matrix has to “Get/Obtain Energy” - and so; Rape manifested as Human Beings, became Possessed by/through their Sex-System of/as the Sex-Matrix, interconnected with and as the Unified-Field - and so resorted to Rape as a instantaneous Energy-Feed to get/obtain Energy from someone through literally taking their Energy within and as and through rape. As the rapist literally, within and as through the act, rape, as in tear - and take the energy through overpowering the being, being raped. And with the being, being raped - submitting in that moment; they submit their energy to the rapist.
And so, with some Human Beings ‘making love’ in one part of the World, within the other part of the World - another is being raped for the Others to experience their orgasmic-Moment.

And, all of this – within looking at the raw-nature of/as the physical-act of sex as penetration – is exactly the same; as its primary function has become that of Reproduction (relationships and sex) and Survival (family/jobs and money).

And this is Why and How the Animal-Kingdom has been Pre-Programmed and Design to reveal/show the Raw-Nature/Reality of the current Accepted and Allowed Physical-Mind existence of/as human beings as equal-to and one with the Animal Kingdom in relation to Reproduction and Survival. As - that Moment of where the Rooster and the Hen interconnect Physically – where the Rooster hold onto the back of the Neck that was the Access-Point into Connecting into, as and with the Manifested-Unconscious Unified-Field Sex-Matrix, and the Moment of Fertilization the Butterfly-Effect manifested-channelling of/as the physical-programme as the Reproduction of the specie and the Survival of the Physical-System, to continue the existence of and as the Mind Consciousness System that has been established on the pillars of the actions of Reproduction and Survival.

Thus, every moment a Rooster and Hen copulated – accessing the  Manifested-Unconscious Unified-Field Sex-Matrix of/as this total-Physical-Reality with and as Human-Beings as all and any forms of physical sexual-interaction:
The nature of/as Reproduction and Survival as the actual raw-nature/reality of the physical-mind was re-engaged re-cycled and re-established.

And, this – thus how we, as the Rooster and Hen, as all Roosters and Hens, for example - as the Physical, as Human Beings – are currently self-responsible for the manifested-consequence, of the actual, real nature of/as what Sex has become in relation to its manifested-purposed existence for/of the production of energy to fuel/charge the continued existence of the mind consciousness system as the unified field as world system.

Now – even though the Unified Field no-more exist, and so with that – the entire balancing-act requirement of/as Energy:
The manifested-nature of the animal-kingdom and humanity does not change in relation to what we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to individually become and also create and manifest as each others as parts of ourselves. And, with that – does also not mean the past that is manifest now in and as this physical-reality change – we’ve got to change it within and as who we are and what we live.

We’ve got to take self-responsibility. Self-responsibility, which mean:
We’ve got to change who we are in what we live in and as the physical – stop our starting-point interactions and living in and as the Physical, with for example - human beings stopping participating in sex for energy, but transform themselves in and as sex to a equal and one expression with and as the Physical.
Understand, with the inversion of process – energy is no more being channelled through the unconscious into a unified field, but Directly being Absorbed into and as the Physical-Mind of Self. So – everything you’re Charging or Creating gets Inverted and Manifested into self; and so - with that – human beings will start Seeing and directly-Experiencing and Facing the Raw Nature/Reality of Self. As the truth of self is Finally Exposed out in the Open as self become the Physical-Embodiment of the Real self that’s been manifested as the Secret-Mind talking/existing in the suppressed background = now the truth, the raw, real, frightening darkness of Man will finally emerge for Self-Responsibility to be taken, to finally stop, stand up and change is no more being able to hide from the truth, the reality of what self has accepted and allowed to be, become, create and manifest – both within and without.

So, here – a explanation and journey with us, together – the Rooster and Hen, in showing and illustrating how we’ve been responsible for creating, manifesting this world as it exist in what we’ve become within and as the physical.
And how – we are in fact self-responsible for stopping, standing up and changing ourselves, and this world as ourselves - as we’ve all been direct participants in and as how it currently exist.

The Opportunity, as key, as answer is always right here in every Moment as the manifested-Breath of the Physical.
The Breath with the Physical that will become the Stability, as Unconditional Support and Assistance for self to Stand within and as, and Finally walk-through, face, stop, stand up and transform this mess that we’ve done and become through and as our Walk into and as the Physical with and as Self-Honesty, Self-Forgiveness and Self-Corrective Application in being and becoming a living example of/as Equality and Oneness - into and as a reality within and as which we all can Stand by, and with eternally - within and as dignity and integrity of respect and actual, real support of abundant living within and as equality and oneness here.

Take the first step: Realise Self-Responsibility."

And, herewith a practical-detailed explanation in relation to revealing the extent of responsibility of each individually in stopping, standing-up and changing what we’ve done and become, from the Animal-Kingdom, to the Physical, to Human Being and all-else that’s manifested within and as what is here as Reality in, as and with the Physical.  

For further support and assistance in relation to Sex, Sexuality, Relationships and Masturbation – suggest visiting the Desteni-Forum at within which you’ll find access to extensive documents, material, videos and discussion as practical support and assistance in establishing equality and oneness here with and as the physical, within taking Self-Responsibility for/of Self and all as self in and as this World/Reality.

Thank You

Sunette, the Rooster and Hen


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