Revelation of the Nature of the Secret-Mind: In Discussion with The Birds


Revelation of the Nature of the Secret-Mind:
In Discussion with The Birds

All across the World, in varying ways and degrees – most of Humanity has Experienced, and is still Experiencing the Force of Nature and the Devastation its manifesting/creating – on-Itself, the Animal-Kingdom and Human-Beings as Eco-systems are destroyed, Animals die and Material-Possessions and Structures are thwarted to Nothing, with extensive insurmountable Damage and devastating consequences on both a Personal and Global level to all parts directly and indirectly affected/influenced.

Nature, Reality – has greeted Humanity, the World, into and as the New-Year with a certain-Extent of Revelation to its Force; a Force which no Man can Control or has Control over – the Force of Nature.

So – what does these cataclysmic-Events happening the World-over depict/reflect about/of Humanity as a whole and each Human Being individually in relation to the Process that’s being Walked/Faced within and as the Principle of and as Equality and Oneness?
This is what we’ll be discussing within this Document, within Communication with the Birds from, of and as the Animal-Kingdom, giving perspective of the Animal-deaths that have been occurring along-With the disastrous events of and as Nature and what this all mean within the context of Humanity as a whole and the Human-Being as a Individual.

We’re going to be speaking with the Birds – because they have been some of the first and most ‘world-renowned’ animals that have recently died, as human-beings the world-over have experienced, seen and heard-of the varying ways and degrees of deaths of/as the Birds and also other Animals of the Animal-Kingdom that died in various different ways and circumstances.

So – let’s hear from the Birds-directly; what’s Happening, How and Why:

“‘Signs of the End of the World’, ‘The End of the World’, ‘The End of the World is Near/is Coming’, ‘Judgment Day is Here’, ‘We’re walking/living in the End-Times’ – oh, and we can go on and on about the various-different statements that have crossed / lingered and still do arise within the Minds of Human Beings in relation to the events that has been taking place within the World. The events as the havoc wreaked by Nature, as Reality’s embrace of Humanity into and through the New-Year period and still continuing relentlessly - with its massive impact as Floods, Droughts, Mudslides, Volcanic-eruptions, Weather-conditions of Snow etc. and the Impact of these Extreme-changes in/as the sudden/spontaneous deaths of Animals, from Birds to Fish – Manifesting all these Events together within a short Time-Frame or Period and Human Beings stares straight into the manifested Mirror of Fear: Death.  

Unfortunately – we’re not here to Inform you that these events Signify ‘The End of the World’; No – it does not. Existence is not going to be let-off that easily...
On the contrary – we’re here to explain what these events signify as ‘markers’ / indicators within the process each human-being individually face; and thus also humanity as a whole Face; as how All of this are actual markers/Indicators of but the START / BEGINNING stages of the process of Facing Manifested-Consequence. As – what manifest/exist in and as this world, is a Manifested Representation of and as a Part/parts of Self and so we’ll be having a look at the events that has been and is taking place within the context of the starting-point of equality and oneness as we’re currently Facing/Walking Manifested Consequence on a personal and a existential level, as we face that which we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to create within/as that which we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to be one-with and equal to as separation, self-interest and survival – manifested as the Mind Consciousness System.

Let’s start:
The Animal-Kingdom and Nature within and of this world represent particular-specific Manifested-‘Unconscious Behaviours/Living-Acceptances’ as Manifested ‘Personality-Behavioural Designs’ created, programmed and designed through and as the Mind Consciousness System that is existent within and as each Human-Being, as Animals within the Animal-Kingdom represent the ‘Physical-Mind’-Nature of/as Human Beings and Nature represent the ‘Energy-Mind/Body’-Nature of/as Human Beings.
These/such Natures – such as the Physical-Mind and the Energy-Mind, exist and is lived-through and acted-upon by Human Beings within/as a Manifested-Accepted Unconscious-Dimension, that is so accepted and lived-in, habitually and normatively – that Human Beings have refused to realise, know or understand the full extent and consequences of their actions, thoughts and words in every-day Life. As you blindly and ignorantly live within your Conscious-Mind bubble – abdicating responsibility of your thoughts, words and deeds; when all-along – you’ve been existing in a world/existence that is-you as all parts of you.
A reality/world as-you; wherein - everything and anything that you have ever spoken, thought or did = has had a consequence and still do as you believe that you, as all that you are within and as the Mind Consciousness System has no impact/effect on you/reality: When in-fact, the thoughts, words and deeds you participate-In and ‘who you are’ within-It, is creating, shaping, forming and manifesting ‘you’, ‘your world’ and ‘your experience’ in/as every Breath.

And now you’re in the Process, along with the Rest of existence - of facing it All; All Consequence for which each one is individually, directly self-responsible – walking your own Judgment as your manifested-consequence as what you created, designed and manifested as you and your world; that will either lead you to Death or the emergence of Birth.
This Birth or Death – not a Polarity; but an Actuality – where you’ll either Birth yourself as Life in and as the Physical, through walking-through, stopping, standing-up and changing from manifested-consequence to living principle of and as equality and oneness, as what’s best for all – OR experience the might of your own consequence as you’re taken by the hand of reality; the reality of you and your consequences that will only intensify and worsen as the worst of you and your world come to the fore for you to deal-with, face and see you as you face the mirror of the truth of you directly.

Thus – Reality is the Mirror of Self; on a personal and existential/global perspective.
With Nature at the beginning-stages of its Forces-Revelation in relation to what its capable of – is indicating that humanity is walking-Into the process of facing the ‘forces of its inherent/true-Nature’, where global-events will start taking place / is starting to take place that will affect human-populations on a great-scale, where Humanity will start seeing the reality/truth of Human-Nature – the real evil.

Then, on a Personal-scale – each Individual human being will Face / be confronted with the Force of their Individual true-nature, as the truth of the existent/living nature of you emerge through/as Manifested resonant-energy of/as your Personal Unconscious-Mind. As the actual inner-experiences you’ve been attempting-to/trying to suppress will come-out, as the actual-Nature of your intentions within and as thought, words and deed reveal in the manifested-force it’s currently existent within you.
Such manifested personal-‘unconscious-mind’ resonant-expressions that has shown-itself in thoughts that had come-up in your Mind that you have ignored and concealed through facades and portrayals as ‘counter-Personalities’; where you presented yourself as one Person, but within - another ‘you’ lurked, the ‘evil’-You that will now no longer be suppressed/hidden as the secrets of man become exposed, the secret-Mind expose-Itself.”

Before the Birds continue - yes – all that is mentioned here through the Birds, has already been discussed throughout documents and video-interviews in giving perspective of and explaining what is to come for Human Beings individually and Humanity as a whole, and now you’re seeing it for yourself as its Manifesting as-Yourself within and as the Forces of Nature as-You; both within on a personal-scale and without on a global-scale. All of which will intensify and worsen – on a individual and global scale as human beings walk-through the Depths of themselves internally and externally as the actual, real manifested-extent of how we’ve accepted and allowed to live/exist in this world towards ourselves and others as ourselves.

Though, also take into consideration the Points discussed here that has not yet been looked-at within this particular-specific context – as the Nature of self / Forces of internal-nature as manifested resonant-energy of/as our personal Unconscious-Mind’s as the ‘nature of self’ self has accepted and allowed self to become and live within and as the actual, real self-experience as reflected within and as our thoughts of and as the Secret-Mind, that will now come-out / emerge.
Therefore with the manifestation of Nature within as the compressed Time-Frame of ‘natural events’ that has taken-Place, indicate that we’ll be facing the manifested consequence of and as our true/real nature within/as a compressed time-frame which mean – the events as manifested consequence that we’ll be facing on a individual and global scale will become and be more extensive and extreme and will happen much faster, one after the other – through events, experiences and people that will be faced as ourselves in our world.

“Now that we have explained / given perspective for/of the ‘Force(s) of Nature’ as the Events that had taken-Place within and as the compressed Time-Frame and what it mean for the individual human-being and Humanity as a whole – let us know have a look at the deaths of/as certain members of the Animal-Kingdom, such as the birds, fish and crickets of various species that have spontaneously/suddenly died.

As has been mentioned before – the Animal Kingdom represent the ‘Physical-Mind’-Nature of and as Human-Beings, as each individual Animal represent a part of self in relation to the inherent-Accepted behavioural-living of and as the individual Human Being.
Our deaths across the world is part of the change manifested within and as the world as a whole and within the process of human beings and humanity, as the Massive/Great change in relation to the Nature of Human Beings’ process, now walking into the phase/stage of facing the manifested consequence as created by/through the nature/intent of your unconscious-manifested resonant-energy of the Secret Mind.

So, within Facing this Manifested-Unconscious Resonant-Energy as the true-Nature of self, manifested as self’s secret-Mind that will be faced directly – what is/will be affected as well, is the ‘behavioural-design / living-formation’ of oneself as this Energy as the truth of self’s experience that is/will be exposed within and during the time to come. As ‘parts / personalities’ of self will cease to function / become incoherent/unresponsive as one will start to ‘lose control’ of oneself.
This ‘loss of self/mind-control’, wherein Energy start to possess you and you start acting-Out within that energy – is an example of the ‘removal/end’ of a ‘counter-personality’ that you created, designed and manifested to hide/suppress your actual inner experience, and the force of your true nature emerge without warning.
So – the ‘projected-Mind’ as the ‘obvious-Mind’ that you have created, designed and manifested as a deceptive portrayal of the ‘real you’ will fall and the actual-Mind as your Secret-Mind that you have attempted to hide/suppress will emerge in both self-experience within, energetically and in action without physically as Human Beings face the Nature of their Secret-Mind within as Energy and without as Living-Action of that energy.”

And so, Human Beings will experience the full force / extent of their accepted and allowed actions of thought, word and deed unto-Themselves as we face the Reality, the Truth of what we are and always have been, as the physical-reality, Reality, Ourselves – reveal/expose what we’ve been, become and done – so that we can SEE-ourselves, FACE-ourselves – and in that seeing and facing, realise and understand the full extent of what we’ve accepted and allowed so that we can STOP and CHANGE.

We’ve been given a opportunity here, to directly-SEE ourselves – now it’s up to us, each one individually as to what we’re going to be doing with this SEEING as facing the reality of ourselves. We have the ability to STOP and CHANGE ourselves and grasp this window of opportunity, to SEE ourselves through manifested consequence, stand up from it and actually change, within and as a living principle of and as equality and oneness. Instead of DE-SEEING (deceiving) ourselves into continually thinking/believing that we’re not responsible, abdicating self-responsibility and fighting with ourselves through blame and ignorance and through this actually prolonging and intensifying our own process.

All of what we’re facing internally and externally on a personal and global scale has been inevitable. Have a look for yourself – everything has deteriorated within this world on a physical and mental realm, as everything vehemently went downhill throughout time; so – obviously the one power that has been most influential in the ‘operations of the world’ have been the Human-Being, so – obviously we’ve got to question the source/cause of it All: Ourselves.

“Ah, yes – the Obvious answer always Missed, the one that is always right-here and has always been here: Ourselves.

So – in terms of the deaths of the Birds – why the Birds. Birds in terms of the Secret-Mind within and as Human-Beings represent the various ‘Personality Thought-Ideas’.
Meaning – in terms of each varying Bird-specie is existent within the Human Beings’ secret-mind, an equal representation, manifested as an idea of self that is in some instances throughout one’s life accessed/lived.
An idea of self that is generated within/as energy and then projected into and as a behaviour-design that is ‘lived’ and so ‘used’/ ‘abused’ and controlled by-self in moments for/of self-interest and the survival of one’s Mind Consciousness System; to ‘protect’ the true/real nature of self-Within; and so self create false-Images of self towards others as Self.
It is these/such ‘Ideas’ of self that self has accepted and allowed to use/abuse that will Fall / ‘die’ as becoming ‘non-existent’ within and as the face of and as the Reality of self; as the true nature of self emerge and reveal-Itself; as Ideas will not stand within the face of Reality as the Unreal face the Real – the Real remain, and it is the Real that must be Seen, to be able to Faced to be able to be Changed.

The birds/animals dying is also part-of our Manifested-Consequence we face in relation to how we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to change/alter our behavioural-living in this world according to the nature of human beings in order to survive; so – realise and see the extent of the influence of ‘who and how you are’ in this world, human being – it has been extensive.
Therefore, we’re all in this process together, equally – facing ourselves.

And so we walk and face, to stand up and stop Manifested-Consequence – to no more accept/allow limitation and separation, but live to be Life and manifested a Reality where all live equal and one within a principle that is best for All, eternally.”

And there/here, The Birds – giving perspective of the World-Events that had been taking place recently and why, and what it mean within the how of our processes.
So, with that – the support and assistance for self is Here, the inevitable consequence of-Ourselves is seeping through the cracks as there’s no more place to hide the true/real nature of ourselves. It’s here and it’s coming in full-force and can’t be stopped as we’ve already created it. Though – what can be stopped is who we have accepted and allowed ourselves to become and what/how we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to live; through self-honesty, self-forgiveness and practical corrective application. Applied and lived within and through blogs and vlogs as we take the initiative and directive principle to face ourselves, stand up and take self-responsibility. Instead of waiting for the inevitable; we can change what is Here and so to some extent/degree change the experience of ourselves within and as the inevitable, as we prepare the road before ourselves to stop, stand-up and change and not recreate the same consequence again, but manifest a reality and a life/lives that is best for all, equal an done – always in all ways.

See, stand-up, stop and change as the living principle of/as what’s Best for All, equal and one – visit the Desteni ‘I’ Process and the Equal Money For All websites at and  to assist/support yourself both within and without – in changing you within and without, equal and one – Breath by Breath.

Sunette and The Birds


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